QS-Beleg Med

Recognition of medical laboratory forms

System requirements
Windows 7/8/10/11
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022

The Med-Module is an additional QS-Beleg product. Using this module, data from the insurance header (format of The National Association of Statutory Health Physicians) on letter of referral (Form pattern 10) can be interpreted using OCR.


The module consists of a QS-Beleg Med DLL and a correction component based on customer needs.

Quality improvement

Automatic verification is performed in Med-Module to minimize post-processing tasks. Lexical verifications are done in a first step to improve the result. Based on each field, the result values are checked against the lexicon and corrected if needed. This e.g. allows a city to be corrected automatically based on the correct postal code. In addition, the software checks whether the date of birth and the date of the surgery are correct and have the correct format.


For manual correction and final additions, a correction mask similar to the insurance header is used based on the QS-Beleg system. In order to accelerate processing, data fields are coloured. Errors e.g. are marked with a red frame. The scanned letter of referral is shown on the screen to compare the results.

Data exchange with the laboratory system

Finally, data is transferred to the laboratory system according to the required format of the fields. Systems such as MCS, LDS, DUCK, Molis, etc. are possible. A specific code for the laboratory can be created using barcodes.

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