Are you interested in testing the features of our software and see for yourself how easy it is to integrate it into your own system?

We offer downloads free of charge (restriction of the evaluation version)


Batch processing of documents with barcodes.

Download: QS-DocumentAssembler 4.6 64-Bit
(ZIP archive, please look at the installation notes for QS DocumentAssembler)
Documentation: Manual

If you still need the old version 4.5, you can download it here:

QS-DocumentAssembler 4.5 64-Bit

QS-Barcode SDK

QS-Barcode SDK 5.0 (32-bit/64-bit) – Integrate barcode recognition in your applications

Download QS-Barcode SDK 5.0 32-Bit

Download QS-Barcode SDK 5.0 32-Bit/64-Bit

(Please look at the installation notes for SDK)

Documentation only: List of Samples and Programmer’s Guide


Windows Application for reading linear and 2D barcodes (Freeware)

Download: bcTester


Read barcodes directly with your webcam

Download: bcWebCam

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