QS-DocumentAssembler Version 4.6 installation notes


If version 4.0 or greater of QS-DocumentAssembler is installed on your system, then you can now install over the existing version and thus update. Simply enter the existing version’s installation directory during Setup.


  1. The QS-DocumentAssembler requires the .NET Framework 4.8.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive, e.g. using the software “WinZip”
  3. QS-DocumentAssembler will be installed with SETUP.EXE.

Attention: Please install the MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ 2015 – 2022 RUNTIME x64 as it may not already exist on your system. You can find the runtime in the DocumentAssembler Zip file in the vcredist_x64 directory.


The application is already configurated with standard settings. In the options dialogs you can change these settings, e.g. concerning paths and barcode recognition. In the application documentation you find hints for that. The documentation of the application you find at: “\docu\docasm_en.pdf”.


The evaluation version offers all the features of the full version. Also, the recognition results are slightly falsified: All 3->1, all a->Q, all b->S. There will be the Text “Demo” written in the results of 2D-Barcodes at random. The full version of the software can be ordered at QS QualitySoft GmbH.

Other testing options

Recognize barcodes in dialogue: Our proven freeware bcTester gives you the opportunity to quickly recognize barcodes and find the right parameters if necessary. The full version of the QS-DocumentAssembler can be ordered directly from QS QualitySoft GmbH. The current price list with order fax can be found under Prices.

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