QS-Beleg  Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Time Capture

Activity capture for SAP R/3

Recording employee work hours is made easier at Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Hamburg’s leading transport association. To improve time-consuming and cost intensive manual entry, QS-Beleg for automatic data capture and processing has been adapted and introduced.

Form Design
A new form was created to optimize the results of the automatic interpretation of the forms. The most important characteristics are introduction of blind colour (yellow) as well as a clear separating of OCR fields. The form identifies employees and contains the working hours for one month, break information , absence from work and extra payments to employees.

OnScreen Correction and Verification
During correction, the data is displayed together with the corresponding section of the form (OnScreen Correction). The data must be checked for completeness and errors. Several logical verifications were set up to maintain low post-processing times. This is done via DLL verification of date and hours worked. The industry time fields received special verification. All fields that violate the verifications are color coded. This makes it easy to determine whether corrections are necessary.

The export sections of data are written into different export files, e.g. “”time results” are created for each employee based on time fields. In addition, export for the whole month is performed. Here the forms are exported cumulatively each month. The data is transferred to SAP.

Project description

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